Motorcycle Insurance in The UK

Motorcycle Insurance can be very expensive in the UK but there are numerous ways to get a better deal.

Finding the best price requires a good couple of hours researching to be done. This means spending a fair amount of time getting quoted by just about everyone you can find that sells insurance and can give you a price.

To maximize your efforts it would help you if you knew what coverage you wanted, however practice makes perfect and asking everyone for quotes is great practice.

Get the yellow pages out, get a pen and sit next to your phone (cuppa not required but it can help set the pace to a slooow and relaxed not hurried pace).

Now start from the top of the phone book and work your way down and through it, phoning everyone in there.

Some of them might not appeal to you for some reason, cross them out but don't wipe them out completely as in the end you are after a price not a nice guy so in a week you might just be back to buy from that slightly obnoxious guy you crossed out.

As you progress phoning around talking to various insurers you'll get a clearer idea of what you are doing and your asking will get more focused, they'll need to ask you a fair amount of questions before they can quote you a price so make sure you have all the details ready for them and try reducing the chit chat to a minimum.

You don't have to lie to them about your research, simply tell them that you are phoning around and might get back to them if they work out to be the ones with the most competitive price.

Get Your Details Ready

Here's a list of questions they might ask you:

- Registration number
- Year of Manufacture
- Date of purchase
- Make and Model of your bike
- Is the bike original or was it modified in any way
- Value of your bike (if you aren't buying theft, just state 1 pound)
- Make and model of alarms or other security devices your motorcycle is fitted with - Will your bike be garaged?

As you progress, always write the price you got quoted next to their name. Maybe add some little info as well, Useful/nice Bloke/Polite/Assole/phone back you get the idea.

This seems funny now but all the phoning around that you will do will bring you lots of data and after all that hard researching work you will want to be able to decypher some sort of understandable data from your yellow pages battleground, it is from this data that you'll eventually decide where to buy from, or you can keep adding your info to a notepad as you talk to them, if that's the case make sure you write their name and phone number down on the notepad before you dial and as you are first talking to them write down PRICE so that you don't forget writing down their exact quote immediately after they tell you.

Before you put the phone down make sure you write down at least the price and your impressions about them, the more info you write down the more gold you'll find in the pot later on.

Unfortunately for the offline brokers, online prices very often work out to be more competitive, actually it is some of these very brokers that -when heard that I was hunting for the best price- suggested getting a quote from their website before committing to any insurer and these same insurers worked out to the up to 1/3 cheaper from the online version, go figure that one out.

Make sure your PC is safe.

Getting motorcycle insurance quote over the internet involves a very simple process of filling in forms and getting a price.

However you don't want to enter your personal details just about everywhere, ideally you will make sure you are using an updated and therefore secure Operating System and Browser, then when you are at the page that's asking for your info you should look at the address bar to ensure that your connection is encrypted, it means that when you send your details, they will be transmitted from the web page to the company in "encrypted" form.. in other words nobody will be able to capture your details during this delicate time of getting transmitted from the page to the server of the
insurance company, simply look at the address bar and the link should begin with https, the s at the end means that the connection is secure.

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