An alternative to Dental Insurance

A dental plan is a great resource for discount dental work, a great alternative to dental insurance for families and individuals.

With a dental plan you may:
  • Save 7% to 65% on most dental procedures
  • Benefit from more than 50 discount dental procedures
  • Get to choose amongst many great dentists
  • Get discounts on dental specialties always available
  • Obtain Coverage Options previously unavailable
  • Receive your Dental Plan in days
  • Get care and maintenance of teeth, gums, roots
  • Get Preventative and Oral hygiene treatments
  • Get Topical Sealants for unrestored molar teeth
  • Get benefits for orthodontia and implants

Plans offered by dental plans companies are not dental insurance policies, they (the plans) do not make payments directly to the providers of dental services.

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